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First six to eight comments. Say one character from one of the serials I do, please.

Edit :  Nice, got some challenges in there. Even got one request for a dude. Proud of you guys.
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Just a few basics I'm gonna go over.

I think - THINK - that my life is starting to settle down enough that, for the foreseeable future I should be around. A few sketches and some coloured content perhaps every week. I wan't to make sure I can be relied upon before I have the gall to get a patreon or patreon equivalent.

Regarding that, as much as I understand that patreon only content isn't required (could be wrong) it is still something I would like to do. Tentative plan is to release the alpha rules/character sheets/art for the pnp rpg I'm working on set in the Garlands (the Bok universe) to patreons, on the additional understanding that if I ever print and release it properly with improved art or changed content, then people who gave me money earlier would get a discount on it. Is that fair? I suck at telling what's fair.

Regarding re-doing stuff. I am actually redrawing the first 10 or so pages of BOK THE NEUTRAL as well as all the character profiles in the interest of less clunky exposition and a more consistent universe (theres gonna be retcons. Valk is an amazing wizard, but cant summon a curse like that). I'm gonna price up printing costs and do a kickstarter if I see it through properly. I'll make sure that in addition to hardcover prints (with personalised sketches for larger donations) I will also make pdf downloadable versions of the redone artwork available who wanna see it but aren't quite so flush with cash. It's more that I want it out there.

Probably gonna do the tumblr thing. A sketch one for art and ama stuff and maybe another for asking characters questions where the answers don't convert into a drawing well, but people still want to know. I stumbled across my work on tumblr without actively looking for it, so maybe I should be there?

This next thing, I am actually ashamed of.
See, with Boonequest nearly over (3-4 pages so, probably this time next year) people have been getting hype for CUDDLESQUEST. Fact is, the original ideas for that kinda don't work in a quest thread context. It will probably work as an actual game if I ever learn how to program properly but things as they are that is pretty huge if. Basically, for the foreseeable future CUDDLESQUEST ain't a thing. And that sucks, because it's what people wanted the most. There will be another quest though. On the /qst/ board sometime next year, all the assets drawn at once, so with potentially more freedom. Less squad mates but more in depth stats. It's not gonna be as popular as BOONEQUEST (you are all amazing), I think, but I'm really into it and I hope it will be fun for those who do partake. Boone, Raege and Cuddles are fun characters, but I do still wanna make sure we learn about others as well.

I hope this is all making some sort of sense and that I can keep on entertaining all of you wonderful people who have stuck with me through my eccentricities and absenteeism . Thank you all very much. It's really nice to be back. In any capacity. 
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I can't think of a fun way to make the last section of BOONEQUEST interactive. So it's probably going to be a series of comics drawn with the same (HA HA) quality as the scattered shots ones I did. Hope that's cool. Sorry for my usual absense.
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Computer problems. Lost a chunk of recent data, including my commission list and in some cases some of the commissions themselves. Could those of you who asked for commissions  please re-ask? Really REALLY sorry for the inconvenience. Gonna try and do BOONEQUEST by the end of the month or early next. Busy year. You are all patient and beautiful, glorious people who I honestly don't thank enough. With a little elbow grease, good things are on the way. Hope you can all say the same.

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But my photoshop keeps fucking up! Will try to do SOMETHING when I can get it to work, but for all I know regular programing will resume next year, as I'm basically going to hit the ground running with other stuff when I get back to Australia. Sorry as usual. Maybe next year we'll finally finish BOONEQUEST.

Sorry again.
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The 'Don't Worry. Be Harpy' t-shirt is now available, along with three other designs, two of which are new (but statistically unlikely to be relevent to your interests) from here.…

There if you want em!

Hope this is helpful!
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Things are getting worse before they're getting better. Really sorry for no arts. There might not even be any BOONEQUESTS this month. If so, very sorry and I'll try and do two for the next one. Particular apologies to Cylexus, who bought me the premium membership that I am now squandering. I owe you several.

Apologies to all and much thanks for your patience. This is just something I need to ride out.

Be good to eachother.

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A combination of over work and sickness is kicking my ass badly at the moment, so we might not get a pin up for May.
Properly sorry about that.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me messages asking if I take comissions. This is very flattering and I am sorry for not responding straight away. It's a complex thing to discuss and I hope to do so in an upcoming journal.

Thank you all very much for your patience and sorry again.

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Just busy as shit plus technical issues.
Alla that good shit still to come.

Love youse all.

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Slight Boonequest delay.
Sick as.
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BOONEQUEST will be returning sometime soon this week. It will be a short episode on account of the current destination, the RUINED IMPERIAL SHRINE, being the smallest. I am hoping it will be a good session for people asking questions, clearing up misunderstandings and all that stuff, and hell - might as well make it a drawthread.

The basics of where BOONEQUEST is at:

You are BOONE. You got some powers of mixed use, a shit-tier gun, some weed cards and coins and a bottle of hooch. Somehow you must save the day.

Your party, which you are currently driving around in your SEMISWEET RIDE consist of:

GUSTAV MYERS: Death on legs, with all sorts of gadgets. Smart about the non-scientific.
DANEEL CALLIBAN: Sharp shooting, dapper Praetorian who is good with languages and people.

also in the car, but not your party is

LEEBR JACOBI: A rough, negative Kasrkin storm trooper with a keen eye, who can get the job done.

CRUITHNE SAPP: A millionaire mining magnate who seeks to convert the planet into a cult that worships her as deity.

WALDRIP GESTALT: Her friend-zoned, beta-level psyker, whose role besides nicking your shit is unknown.

WILBUR BECK: A giant heretek, responsible for developing the glands and chemicals that convert ordinary people into twisted mixtures of gland soldiers, astartes and genestealers.


- Get all team mates (find them on the map, or get parts for the teleporter)

- Find all the COMMISSAR COLLECTOR CARDS and enter the codes from them to shut down WILBUR BECK's backup server, that allows him to self repair.

-Get coins!

- Get chocolate!!

-Find out how to open the JUKEBOX

-Rendevous with the COMMISSAR

-Get off this twisted planet

For more details and a refresher course, concider these links:… has all previous episodes in lovely format, but with bits missing.… has all the previous quests, but in thread format.

Sorry I can't be more precise!
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Hooley dooley.
I just got out of what I'm pretty sure was the second busiest time in my entire goddamn life.

June seems to have not existed this year, and July is disgustingly late. Which means I have failed this years IG Calender Project. This means I must complete the rest of this year then try again next year, this time without any missing months. I will Keep drawing 'em until I do it right is what I'm getting at.

I have, amongst all this clutter and busiwork, been chipping away Alcatraz style an expansive tunnel of vaguely experimental artwork. Vehicles. Different panel layouts. Odd narrative connections. It's clumsy, but some of you may find it entertaining.

It IS Ragged Edges (or Fagged Edges as I believe all the young dudes call it) back story, so don't your hopes up, I implore you.

Verloren Hoop: Yeahp. Making more.

Bok: Sketched up next comic, then lost it.

Dranon: See above.

Next session soon!
I will try and update the notes, but any of you who play will probably have more luck just browsing the archives of it than scanning through pages of my typing looking for the one bit of relevent information.
I'll be doing drawthreads again soon, I hope and if you have any questions about BOONEQUEST I'd e happy to answer them then as well.

Or, just ask me anything on the spring!…
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Well I managed to keep it going a little longer, but now bits of my tablet are actually falling out and or off, so I need to get a new one (seriously, when those things are no longer under warrenty, they dont fuck around).
Fortunately, with me suddenly getting more work, but no less uni, I'll totally have the cash to buy a new one real soon. So the reasons for me being slack will sort of sort eachother out.

Boonequest will be this coming week. It might just be the comm tower level, as the diner level is friggin' huge, but I still want to update before people forget it even exists.

The comm tower is a simple section and largely conversation based, but hopefully will still be rewarding.

Be seeing you, and thank you to all for congratulating me on not dying! I had a good time!

Your Pal,

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I've got the passion to draw, and the ideas, but the spirit, specifically the machine spirit, has failed me.

My tablet is on the fritz.  Connection's fucked. Not the nice cheap easily replaceable cable, either. The port inside the tablet has decided that it only accepts the cable when its held at a precise angle, under hight tension, by a third party.

Now, I don't draw purely with a tablet, but I've grown accustomed to fixing and shading my work with it, and at this stage, I'm not going back to not shading my work (it looks purdier). So, idealy once it's fixed (or more likely replaced as no one seems to fix the damn things, unless you send them back to the factory (it has to be under warrenty too, which mine no longer is)) , we should get a deluge.

Until then, I'll do what I can to keep sketching, and doing the projects that require no wacom work (snow and boonequest)

Really sorry to those waiting on Hoop, especially. I was looking foward to updating that.

On the bright side, this journal will make quite a lot of people quite happy.

Stay outta trouble,

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This year has been brilliant, with the savings and the worldly possessions and the love and the family and the friends and all that good boolocks. But I've been bad to YOU this year (unless your one of them ones that watches me because they hate my work, in which case I've been good to you, unless you want to see my work so you can be angry, in which case I've been bad to YOU too, it all gets very complex.)

My point is, not delivering is bad for the soul, so this year coming up, its time to lift my game and see if i can't do at least a little of EACH serial every month. A rather lofty goal, but it'll help to aim high, I think.

On that note, January is nearly upon us, and I meant what I said about making an IG motivational Calender (first month is gonna be late, eh, but hopefully only the first)

So, if you like, pick a member of the Ragged Edges (or something IG) you'd like to see posed. Male or Female - don't be shy! This is the sorta shit I could really use to be better at (basic anatomy and or interesting poses)

If there is an IG unit you've never seen represented and want to, let me know. I'll see what I can do.

Mojave Mo' Problem.
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Really, genuinelly sorry for the lack of updates. Nothing is over, nothing is wrong. Cultist, Bok, Raege, Snow, Hoop, Boone Quest all that stuff you like (or uh..hate and look at anyway, as I understand is pretty popular these days) is gonna continue you may have to archive dive for some of them I guess, depending on how good your memory is.

I'm just really busy, like, even for me at the moment AND my net is currently so shit that in all likelihood, if this journal has been posted on my third of forth attempt to keep my internet running for more than 10 seconds at a time before it clicks off or times out or whatever.

Thank you, thank you every single one of you that persists with my unreliable as all shit updates. I hope I can give you what you want soon. (Unless, you're of those people who wants me dead)

Thanks and sorry again. Hope to be back up to speed soonishishishish.

Your pal,

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In addition to my regularly schedualed programming, I have begun doing a collab hosted in a seperate group. If Cases of the Hives was a T.V series (ha!) you could think of this as a feature presentation (double ha!). It's a lot of fun working with another artist, as it's something that, for various reasons I've often struggled with.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it!…

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Okay I'm back properly. Now I'm just busy as all shit. But yeah, updates are on again and work on commissions will resume.

Nice new icons in the gllery eh? Eh?

Courtesy of

Had no idea how to do 'em, myself.

Stay gold.
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But nobody panic.

Ol' Lexus is gonna be on a lot less for a bit various studying, working and pissing off interstate to chill in absinthe bar type reasons. Not sick, not dead, not finally trolled into oblivion (you should be so lucky). Still around, still posting, just a bit less for a little while. To those I usually chat to, don't take it personally. Not giving anyone the snub here.

Stay gold.
Keep on rockin'

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Heya heya.

Back at Uni, and back in a rhythm, after a brief dalliance in amateur theater, where I played villains and where my acting was about as good as my drawing, make of that what you will.

I was going to wait until after I actually got my degree, but over the holidays, quite a few people have been offering me cash moneys for my artwork. I certainly have no objection to this, and I guess I am officially saying, I'm open to the idea. Currently, I'm charging the same hourly rate I charged when I was a graphic designer, of $30 ph, which my mentor tactfully (as in, she only smirked, not laughed) informed me was rather below industry standard, which seems apt. Most of my drawings don't take long, so generally people shouldn't get rooked, it's all a matter of what I'm asked to draw.

I have also set up a formspring page for any anonymous or trivial questions you want to ask about characters or stuff like that, and don't wanna use a comment on.…

I will be taking "Boone's first time" out of my gallery. I've thought for some time that the art was sub par, even for me and the story quite shitty. My suspicions were confirmed when a very eloquent and intelligent poster explained to me exactly WHY it sucked. The issues are, in this instance ones I can change, so I'm taking it out, and will re-write it later. The gist will be the same, and the end result similar but with improved, writing art and most importantly getting my own sodding characters right, which I somehow failed to do in this instance.
Basically a short warning for anyone who wanted to grab a copy.
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