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Well, it was still good practice.
Put a little bit of Loomis stuff I've been doing towards character designs for a game I was going to run that is so never happening. It was still  fun trying to draw varied but (mostly) believable faces. Makes me want to try drawing some of my characters in a similar style!

Some of these characters are based on real people! Can you identify them?

I am at maximum busy at the moment and am very sorry. I still want to produce content, but it's going to be tough going for the near future. I have a valentines image and everything, but its late obviously.

Anyways, see you soon. Not dead. Really giving thought to a patreon this year.
req3 -sweet mother of hips
Her right hip, or what appears her right hip was originally meant to be just the rest of the dress hanging down, but I drew it badly so instead we ended up with a seriously thicc formally dressed assassin. Still, either the requester or someone else liked it, so...
Verloren Hoop 68
Sometimes (quite a lot) my hastily jotted notes will simply say 'Kerrun and Triella fight about x (again)' or 'Darraj complains about y' and I have to kinda fill the blanks, trying to be respectful to the characters. I feel like the first panel is one of those ones that, even without the text summarizes the characters involved quite well.

For this page, i forgot to draw Triella's little face chip thing. OOPS.

I can't think of a fun way to make the last section of BOONEQUEST interactive. So it's probably going to be a series of comics drawn with the same (HA HA) quality as the scattered shots ones I did. Hope that's cool. Sorry for my usual absense.
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Walter Petranov Tredsadt-Vosem
Current Residence: Oz
Favourite style of art: Sandvich
Personal Quote: I am quite simply the worst person you will ever meet.


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mrperson14 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017
are you still hanging out on tg?
Mr-Culexus Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017
Not as much as I'd like, but yeah.
Washu-kun Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017  Student General Artist
[Plays in a Rogue Trader game.  GM gives him the Navis Primer.  Reads the "Boons of Saint Alice" quote.  Breaks out laughing.]
Mr-Culexus Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017
Pretty fonny stoff, huh?
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Happy New Year!
Catlover663 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2016
I have a question. What does Micheal looks like without his mask on?
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Hey man. I did a doodle I thought you would appreciate.…
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Hey pal. How are you doing?
Mr-Culexus Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2016
damn my manners. How are you doing, also?
Not too good, but could be much worse. Guess I'm feeling a bit down these times. But I'm really glad to hear you are already planning your return, I could surely use me some cute psykers with a side of commisars.
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